the piano files

The Piano Files presents works for 1,  2 and even 4 pianos. His music is very accessible and of a generosity that has no borders."

“In Les Chants Estivaux” the material chimes incandescently as its interlocking patterns escalate in volume and intensity, and the piece grows ever more hypnotic as piano layers are added."

Cloud Atlas (pianoversion) 
Les Chants Estivaux
Theme I 
City Lines (new recording) 
Growing Worm


Jeroen van Veen, Sandra van Veen en Marcel Worms, piano


playing time : 57'

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Rose Road - City Lines

“A modern, irresistible groove in the impressive Piano Concerto, the mesmerizing City Lines and the sparkling string quartet Rose Road. Colorful and sublime”.

Piano Concerto I
Piano Concerto II
Piano Concerto III
String Quartet No.I - Rose Road
City Lines


Gerard Bouwhuis, piano, Erika Waardenberg, harp, Johan Faber, percussion, Mifune Tsuji, violin, Lydia Forbes, violin, Lorre Lynn Trytten, viola, Pascale Went, cello, Jaap Branderhorst, double bass, Joeri de Vente, horn, Reijer Dorresteijn, trumpet, Eric Westerink, trombone, Tjeerd Oostendorp, tuba, Pepijn van Doesburg, flute, Vicki Laws, oboe, Marc Dijcks, clarinet, Stefanie Liedtke, bassoon

playing time : 60'

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Music for Wiek

"Eisenga drags the listener into a musical world where dreamy melancholy and accelerating sequences alternate with a lot of excitement. Inevitable and very compelling."

"A masterful tribute to the cyclical movement."

Dance I
Dance II
First Interlude
Dance III
Second Interlude
Dance IV

Erik-Jan de With, saxophones, Douwe Eisenga, piano & sampling 

playing time : 61'40"

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House of Mirrors

Motion, a splendid example of the composer's engaging style. Kick, a ravishing, sixteen-minute travelogue. No better argument for the superior calibre of his music is needed than Passacaglia.”


La Musica del Giorno
L'Atlante delle Nuvole
La Casa degli Specchi


Piccola Accademia degli Specchi:

Giovanni Rosati & Assunta Cavallari, piano, Alessandra Amorino, flute, Claudia Di Pietro, sax, Giuliano Cavaliere, violin, Kyung Mi Lee, cello, Matteo Sommacal, artistic director

playing time : 56'

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the flood, requiem

"His immediately convincing Requiem combines the Latin tradition with modern texts and recognizable, sometimes medieval musical forms. With a wealth of effective contrasts and relief in this music, The Flood is an enchanting requiem".

This composition testifies of an unprecedented mysticism. The Flood can now already be labelled as one of the greatest compositions of this time."


Abyssus Misericordiae

The Village

Nubes Oscuras

All Summer Long

Kyrie / Lux Aeternam

Like a Promise

Libera me

Requiem Aeternam

Zeeuws Philharmonisch Koor, Zeeuws Orkest, Simone Veder, conductor Joan Berkhemer. 

playing time : 73'

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Simon Songs

"However different these lyrical songs might be, his distinctive voice is audible throughout, and the elegant, melodically rich settings speak with an immediacy that's hard to resist."

"The tunes are melodious, beautiful and calm. Douwe Eisenga knows to immerse us miraculously in a timelessness that we could forever linger in."

Simon Songs I - XVI (16 tracks)

Jeroen van Veen, piano

playing time : 61'

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The Piano files II

"A beautiful shower of lively notes, a joyous madness, like a race in fields bathed in sunshine."

"Regardless of whether the piece is arranged for a single instrument, quartet, or large outfit, a distinctive and well-balanced blend of melody and rhythm will always be present."

Jeroen van Veen, piano

Les Chants d'Automne
Kick !
Piano Concerto - 2 Piano Version - I
Piano Concerto - 2 Piano Version - II
Piano Concerto - 2 Piano Version - III

Jeroen van Veen, piano

playing time: 59'

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The world famous Aurelia Saxophone quartet plays the music, written for the theatre production ‘The writer, his wife, her mistress’. From a modest, tranquil prologue to a steaming walz, and from the moving lyric of ‘Three Sides’ to the exuberant ‘The Line’.

Waiting / Arrival / Suggestions
To the Village / The Bath
Netta's Aria / The Line / Three Sides
The Dance / How can I comfort you ?

Femke IJlstra, soprano saxophone, Niels Bijl, alt saxophone, Arno Bornkamp, tenor saxophone, Juan Manuel Dominguez, bariton saxophone, Mathieu van Bellen, violin,  Simone Milsdochter, vocals, Douwe Eisenga, piano.

playing time: 51'

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Moving the Barn

"The ponderous opening part pairs elegant piano patterns with plaintive string expressions, resulting in a melancholy and slightly mysterious whole. More rhythmically insistent is the third, where syncopated mallet and string patterns dance breezily, whereas the fourth concludes the release with Romantic string gestures and animated pulsing rhythms executed using both drums and percussion." 

Moving the Barn I
Moving the Barn II
Moving the Barn III
Moving the Barn IV


Petra Flipse, violin & viola, Marieke Langkamp, cello, Douwe Eisenga, piano & samples

playing time: 21'

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kabaal (uproar)

My chamber opera Kabaal (Uproar) from 2001, written for tenor, baritone and percussion, tells the story of the historic feud between the Dutch naval heroes of the 17th century, Michiel de Ruyter and Cornelis Tromp. 

"An intriguing performance and one hell of an opera"!


Proloog (Prologue) / De Situatie (The Situation)
De Gemeenheid (The Meanness)
De Ontzetting (The Dismay)
De Jaloezie (The Jealousy)
De Zeeslag, een Dansfeest (The Sea Battle, a Dance Party) / De Bekentenis (The Confession)
Epiloog (Epilogue)

Egidius Pluymen (baritone): Michiel de Ruyter / Wil van der Meer (tenor): Cornelis Tromp / Daniel Cross (percussion): William III / libretto: Nirav Christophe

playing time : 61'

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rivus ii

The meandering flow of melodies, based on a theme by Bach.

"The way the composer treats the original material of Bach is incredibly exciting. Rivus II enters new dimensions."

All music emerges from silence.....
To wich sooner or later it must return

Rien Balkenende, piano

playing time : 15'

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