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Pianist and composer Douwe Eisenga creates sparkling music for sparkling minds, a hypnotising mix of rhythm, haunting melodies, and compelling lyricism. Honest, down to earth peoples-music. Often subdued and sober with a generous force: the underlying melodies carve themselves into the soul of the listener.

For the last twenty years, Eisenga has gained world-wide attention. He works with British writer David Mitchell, American choreographer Claudia Schreier, Italian harpist Assia Cunego, and the Russian Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble. Closer to home, he writes music for harpist Lavinia Meijer, pianists Marcel Worms, Jeroen van Veen and Gerard Bouwhuis, Cello Octet Amsterdam, Slagwerk Den Haag, and many more.

His musical DNA is rooted in rock, pop, and world music. All these influences, combined with baroque and the minimalistic repetitiveness of Glass, find their way into the pieces of Eisenga.

In 2017, Eisenga recorded the eight-minute long For Mattia. He is commissioned to write this piece by the parents of a young lady who chose to end her own life. It unintentionally created a starting point for the lightning-fast development of his career as a concert pianist.

The touching composition has been high in the Classical Top 400 for five years now, with the 400 compositions most popular on Radio 4 according to listeners. This lustrum was the reason for a guest appearance on a popular Dutch television show, which was watched by approximately one million viewers.

Last fall his new album Open was released by Butler Records / V2 Records. The song Theme I from this album was included in the gift CD (15,000 copies) of a yearly Dutch campaign for classical music.

Meanwhile, in September the press praised the music of the location theater project Landmark 369 and the documentary Thirteen Days - with music by Douwe - was nominated for a Golden Calf (a sort of Dutch Oscar). 


Music that could have long-range importance - American Record Guide

Douwe Eisenga knows to immerse us miraculously in a timelessness that we could forever linger in - Inactuelles


Eisenga possesses the uncanny ability to write expressive, high-quality music capable of appealing to discerning listeners of all ages - Textura


The man writes the best Minimal Music you know until then and he calls it Maximal Music. Douwe Eisenga is his name. The best Minimal Music, that sounds exaggerated.

Certainly. But it isn't. According to me. Eisenga conjures in his music worlds in my head where courtiers court another, where rivers burst out their banks, where mirror images suddenly reach out, where a summer breeze tickles your neck - PZC


Eisenga drags the listener into a musical world where dreamy melancholy and accelerating sequences alternate with a lot of excitement. Inevitable and very compelling - Klassieke Zaken


This composition testified of an unprecedented mysticism. The Flood of composer Douwe Eisenga can now already be labelled as of the greatest compositions of this time - Rumanian Radio


2001 Marcel Worms - More new blues for piano

2003 Super Librum - Thit was to there stunde

2003 Requiem ‘53

2006 Rose Road - City Lines

2007 Marcel Worms - Red, White & Blues

2009 Music for Wiek

2009 Cloud Atlas

2009 The Piano Files

2010 Clazz Ensemble - Delta Suite

2010 Jeroen van Veen & Friends - Minimal Piano Collection X-XX

2011 PADS - House of Mirrors

2013 Cloud Atlas (special edition, only digital)

2015 The Flood, Requiem (only digital)

2015 Alternatives (only digital)

2015 The Writer, his Wife, her Mistress (only digital)

2015 Westland Saxophone Orchestra - Fansaxtic

2016 Erika Tazawa - Rhythm of Silence

2016 The Piano Files II (only digital)

2017 For Mattia (single)

2018 Feico Deutekom – Feico Solo

2019 For Mattia (album)

2019 For You Have Delivered My Soul (only digital)

2020 Laura Scott - Beyond the Horizon

2021 Open

2022 The Border

2023 The Flood, Requiem  (re-release)

2023 Poetry of a City