26. August 2020
About composing during Covid-19, postponing a semi-opera and producing an audiotour in stead

29. May 2020
Out now! The new album by UK-based harpist Lauren Scott harp with ao a beautiful recording of For Mattia.

29. May 2020
The new documentary from Fifi Visser, Tijdgravers (Timediggers) is a poetic ode to the hard work by the curators of the Royal Society of Sciences.

23. October 2019
The new Album For Mattia is out now. On this page I will be adding reviews.

22. October 2019
As Iowa and other areas of the country continue their long-term recovery from major floods, Cornell College will present an artistic response with the U.S. premiere of Dutch composer Douwe Eisenga’s “The Flood, Requiem” at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 8, in King Chapel.

08. September 2019
On September 21 the 'new' piece 'Materia Prima' wil premiere during the Westland Saxophone Festival. The piece has had an incubation periode of 8 years te return at the end to its original form. Listen to several versions.

07. September 2019
A new demo of Echoes for 2 pianos 8 hands. Two pianos, four pianists who are constantly chasing each other, echoing each others phrases.

10. August 2019
De CD Music for Wiek from 2009 has been re-released with beautiful designed new artwork by Snowball. The new CD comes as a digipack in a limited edition of 200.

10. June 2019
It was a festival-hit in 2009, and for many a legendary performance that lingered for years as the ultimate location performance: Wiek. Now returning to stage !

09. June 2019
Block Attack to Canada

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