16. June 2018
My most personal but never released album is now available for three days in a very, very limited edition. Only 100 downloads available until Wednesday June 20

08. June 2018
Seven percussionists, four saxophones and Douwe Eisenga on piano. Pounding toms, timbals and timpani, hypnotic drones on marimba's and vibraphones and screaming saxophones in a thundering live performance of Music for Wiek

14. May 2018
Why I build a new site again !

16. April 2018
It was a festival-hit in 2009, and for many a legendary performance that lingered for years as the ultimate location performance: Wiek. Now returning to stage !

28. February 2018
New Music Blog Textura published a review about the new short album Moving the Barn.

02. February 2018
Now it's (almost) here. The cd FEICO SOLO will be available in stores from next week. Beside For Mattia the cd contains music from Glass, Adams, Lang, Sakamoto, Mansell, Richter and Frahm.

17. January 2018
On January 11 Broeder Dieleman, VanDryver, Peter Slager and I did a show in the Concert Hall in our hometown Middelburg, assisted by Pim van de Werken, Lotte Pen, Twan Stekelenburg and Astrid Harring.

04. December 2017
Every month the piece grew a little longer, In December, it reached its final length of 2'30".

17. November 2017
On December 10 is the premiere of a new work by Douwe Eisenga, The Ballad of the Salt Water, in combination with music composed by Eric Whitacre, Emil Råberg and Peter Gabriël.

18. October 2017
The Dutch national classical Radio 4 published a video-interview about the background and writing process of the new piece For Mattia. Watch the video here.

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