03. December 2018
Today I published the sheet music of a fourth collection of piano pieces on this site, for the first time available as a hard-copy printed book (and no pdf). Actually I published 4 books at once.

19. September 2018
The complete video registration, made by Gijs Haak of Music for Wiek, Bliss, For Mattia and other pieces. Concert with Saxophone Collective West & Slagwerk Den Haag

11. September 2018
Driving rhythms, almost hallucinatory repetition - so beautiful, I have been under the spell of his music for twenty years. Reviews of Music for Wiek Live & Wiek

11. September 2018
Read the review about The Wall Symphony : "Phenomenal"

17. August 2018
Only a few weeks ago I rediscovered a long forgotten track from Music for Wiek, the music I wrote for the performance Wiek from Schweigman&.

30. June 2018
The German pianist Anna Sutyagina has made a wonderful new video-recording of my piano piece For Mattia. The video was shot for the internet channel Moving Classics TV. This week I'm Composer of the Week for Moving Classics, with an interview and this new video.

22. June 2018
So far I teamed up three times with NYC based choreographer Claudia Schreier. Watch a new documentary that captures the choreographers process of making a new ballet... with a pretty large chunk of my music.

16. June 2018
My most personal but never released album is now available for three days in a very, very limited edition. Only 50 downloads available until Tuesday July 3

08. June 2018
Seven percussionists, four saxophones and Douwe Eisenga on piano. Pounding toms, timbals and timpani, hypnotic drones on marimba's and vibraphones and screaming saxophones in a thundering live performance of Music for Wiek

14. May 2018
Why I build a new site again !

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