Second Single Out Now
10. September 2021
A second single out on September 10

OPEN - Album Presentation
09. September 2021
About the premiere of my new album

The Kitchen Table
15. August 2021
About the first year of the exclusive club The Kitchen Table

Grenspaal 369 (Landmark 369)
15. August 2021
The new.... what is it, musical theatre, a semi-opera, a location project? Anyway... a premiere.

D'n Overkant (The Other Side)
15. August 2021
About the podcast D'n Overkant (The Other Side)

Dertien Dagen (Thirteen Days)
14. August 2021
The new documentary from Gijs Haak about the death of his father

We noemden hem krielkip (We called him scrawny chicken)
13. August 2021
I wrote the music for a new documentary by Holy Moly Media

Reuzenarbeid (Giant Labor)
12. August 2021
A book and a short film about a Giant Labor

26. August 2020
About composing during Covid-19, postponing a semi-opera and producing an audiotour in stead

29. May 2020
Out now! The new album by UK-based harpist Lauren Scott harp with ao a beautiful recording of For Mattia.

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