12. June 2019
The new Album For Mattia is out now. On this page I will be adding reviews.

10. June 2019
It was a festival-hit in 2009, and for many a legendary performance that lingered for years as the ultimate location performance: Wiek. Now returning to stage !

09. June 2019
Block Attack to Canada

24. May 2019
The premiere of a new piece for mixed choir & piano, 'Nous Sommes Un Seul Peuple', inspired by a speech of Barack Obama

24. May 2019
Les Chants Estivaux for the first time in its original setting in Pittsburgh & NYC.

13. May 2019
Tjako Fennema from Opus Klassiek with a very negative review about my new album. Warning! If you like the Third Symphony by Gorecki, or Einaudi or Canto Ostinato by Simeon ten Holt, don't read this review

30. March 2019
An overview of the first press coverage, two week before the release of the new album For Mattia.

03. December 2018
Today I published the sheet music of a fourth collection of piano pieces on this site, for the first time available as a hard-copy printed book (and no pdf). Actually I published 4 books at once.

19. September 2018
The complete video registration, made by Gijs Haak of Music for Wiek, Bliss, For Mattia and other pieces. Concert with Saxophone Collective West & Slagwerk Den Haag

11. September 2018
Driving rhythms, almost hallucinatory repetition - so beautiful, I have been under the spell of his music for twenty years. Reviews of Music for Wiek Live & Wiek

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