Movie from Gijs Haak en Fifi Visser about the 150 year-old Badhotel in Domburg (NL), displayed with a size of 20 by 9 meters (!) on the facade of the Badhotel. 

music: Music for Wiek

buitengesloten (Left out)

Theatre play by Arie Snel (De Bouwmeester) about discrimination in the workplace

original music
scoring : piano
commissioned by De Bouwmeester
duration: ± 22'
composed in : 2020


Claudia Schreier's ballet Charge. 

"Eisenga’s score is a classical/pop fusion with a frenetic pace at times."

music: Piano Concerto III


Film installation from Gijs Haak. 

music: demo of Bliss for Quintet

dertien dagen (Thirteen days)

Documentary by Gijs Haak, nominated for the Golden Calf Competition 2021

excerpts from The Writer, his Wife, her Mistress, Songs & Dances I - Beguine, Songs & Dances VI - The Beggar and Passacaglia

D'n Overkant (the other side)

A theatre promenade, written by Don Duyns, directed by Vincent van der Elshout

music: parts of Grenspaal 369, rewritten & original music 

composed in 2020


Film by Elizabeth Rocha Salgado. A blind man, a music composer, a cook, an astronomer and a homicide investigator. The film gets into their minds and explores their creativity and passions through their senses.

music: City Lines for 2 pianos (unreleased recording, made for this film)

Facade 2012

A series of 13 short artist portraits by Esme Bach for the contemporary art festival Facades.

music: every portrait used a different track. 

go here to watch them all

grenspaal 369 (landmark 369)

Semi-opera, libretto by Don Duyns, directed by Vincent van der Elshout

original music
scoring : soprano, alt, bariton, piano, saxophones (1 player) percussion (2 players)
commissioned by theaterproductiehuis Zeelandia
duration: ± 70'
composed in : 2020


"Claudia Schreier's ballet Harmonic, 

set to a marvelously dance-worthy score by Douwe Eisenga, swept to victory in a brilliantly-danced performance which elicited a vociferous ovation from the packed house at the Ailey Citigroup Theater."

music : Motion


My chamber opera Kabaal (Uproar) from 2001 tells the story of the historic feud between the Dutch naval heroes of the 17th century, Michiel de Ruyter and Cornelis Tromp. 

libretto: Nirav Christophe

"An intriguing performance and one hell of an opera"!

original music
scoring : tenor, bariton, percussion (1 perc.player)
commissioned by theaterproductiehuis Zeelandia
duration: ± 60'
composed in : 2001

Laatste Getuigen (Last Witnesses)

Score for the documentary Laatste Getuigen (Last Witnesses) by Studio Haak & Visser

original music
commissioned by Studio Haak & Visser
duration: ± 30'
composed in : 2019

LF Celine Fragmentation I

Theaterplay by Damien Dobbeleer. 


music : City Lines


Music for the theaterplay Momo, based upon The Never-Ending Story by Michale Ende.

original music
scoring : solo singers, choir, childrens choir, large ensemble
duration: ± 37'
composed in : 2003


Lucky Priors ballet Mosaik made for the Palucca University of Dance in Dresden. 

music: Piano Concerto III


Film score for the film De Verhuizende Schuur (Moving the Barn) from Theo Rietveld & Marjan van den Bos.

"Eisenga's music engages the listener from the first run-through, and also manages to be unapologetically melodic with no compromise to the sophistication of the writing."

original music

scoring : strings, piano, percussion and samples

duration: ± 20'

composed in : 2013


Music for the theaterplay Oliver, based upon Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.

original music
scoring : solo singers, choir, childrens choir, large ensemble
duration: ± 40'
composed in : 1999


Myles Thatchers ballet Panorama made for San Francesco Ballet.

"A lively sextet for extremely supple bodies dancing in semi-darkness. The captivating Douwe Eisenga score is a find."

music: Piano Concerto I


Music for short film about the Dutch harbors from Juister Imaginaries 

original music

scoring : samples

duration: ± 4'30"

composed in : 2007


Claudia Schreier's ballet Pulse. 

"A driving full-company work, is set to Dutch composer Douwe Eisenga's marvelous Piano Concerto: I."

music: Piano Concerto I


Dutch film by Coen Willemse

original music

scoring : samples, guitars, tenorsax, violin

duration: ± 10'

composed in : 1989


Music for the presentation film accompanying the book Reuzenarbeid (Giant Labor) by Willem van der Ham

music : Digging
duration: ± 6'
composed in : 2020


In the weeks leading up to the debut of Claudia Schreier's company at The Joyce Theater's 2017 Ballet Festival in New York City, a documentary team followed the choreographer  to capture her process. Film produced by Big Pup Films.

music: Piano Concerto III

Space & Rhythm

A project about architecture and art by O+A and Ko van Dun.

music: Les Chants Estivaux

The Efforts of Ottaviano Petrucci

Music for an art installation by Hans Overvliet

original music
scoring : piano, marimba, samples 

duration: ± 30'
composed in : 2000


Score for the documentary Tijdgravers (Time Diggers) by Studio Haak & Visser

original music
commissioned by Studio Haak & Visser
duration: ± 25'
composed in : 2020


Music for the theaterplay De Schrijver, zijn Vrouw, haar Minnares (The Writer, his Wife, her Mistress), written by Anne Versloot & directed by Vincent Elshout.

original music
scoring : sax4tet, alt, soprano, bariton
commissioned by theaterproductiehuis Zeelandia
duration: ± 50'
composed in : 2014


Music for the location performance: Wiek (Rotor) from Schweigman&.

"Eisenga drags the listener into a musical world where dreamy melancholy and accelerating sequences alternate with a lot of excitement. Inevitable and very compelling."

original music
scoring : sax4tet, piano, percussion, samples
commissioned by Foundation Stuim
duration: ± 70'
composed in : 2009