In this section you'll find my compositions and info how to purchase or hire sheet music.


With buying my music you support the writing of new pieces !


Prices include the right to to perform my music in public.
You should always inform me about performances. I'll help spreading the word.
Contact me for permission for CD recordings and using my music in theatre, film and online.

Mostly piano-pieces (hours of music), some can played by harp to. With For Mattia, the Simon Songs, Theme from Wiek and much more.

A lot of piano-duos, but also piano with harp, marimba, clarinet or soprano sax. Cloud Atlas, Les Chants Estivaux and... much more.

4 Strings, 4 saxophones ( Rose Road ! ) and - of course - 4 pianos.

The most are for flute, clarinet, violin, cello & piano, but there are other combinations as well.

A bunch of pieces for flute, saxophone, violin, cello & piano4mains and other stuff.

Bigger! Pieces like the Piano Concerto and Bliss for 8 celli & 4 saxophones. Oh... and Momentum.

Biggest! Beating the big drum with pieces like The Flood, Requiem and The Wall Symphony. 

Choir with percussion, choir with orchestra, choir with organ,  just choir.

Music for Wiek, an opera and all kind of other stuff.