The Flood, Requiem


9 tracks, 70 minutes 
cd in digi-pack with 32 page full-colour booklet

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First released in 2003 as Requiem 1953, remastered and released in 2019 as The Flood, Requiem on digital platforms. Now I am very happy with this third release on Butler Records / V2 Benelux.

The album - with the brilliant design of Snowball - will be released in digipack with a 32-page (!) booklet, including the complete lyrics and the diary that I kept twenty years ago while writing the Requiem.

The release accompanies the five performances of the requiem by the Zeeuws Concertkoor, Vocaal Ensemble Cantare and Kamerorkest TY on the 70th anniversary of the flood disaster that struck the Netherlands in 1953. These concerts take place at the end of January and the beginning of February 2023.

The album contains the remaster of the recording of the performance twenty years ago by the Zeeuws Orkest and the Zeeuws Philharmonisch Koor. The NRC wrote at the time: “In his immediately convincing The Flood, Requiem, the Dutch composer Douwe Eisenga combines the Latin tradition with modern texts and recognizable, sometimes medieval musical forms. The Flood is an enchanting requiem with energetic rhythmic choral parts, a wealth of effective contrasts and lyrical mystique”.


Heaven (2023) : ALBUM OF THE WEEK

Twenty years ago, the Dutch composer Douwe Eisenga made a beautiful requiem on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the flood disaster: The Flood, Requiem. Now reissued, the work of Eisenga, the Zeeuws Orkest and the Zeeuws Philharmonisch Koor continues to impress.

Eric van Domburg Scipio

TEXTURA (2023)

As epic a pitch as The Flood, Requiem in places rises to, there are also moments of delicacy, the first half of Kyrie / Lux Aeterna and the artful Requiem Aeternam two prime examples.


The score never stays in one place for long as Eisenga presents an ever-stimulating and ever-evolving panorama of vocal and instrumental sound.

review by Ron Scheppers

BODE (2023)

An orchestra that plays inaudibly. A tide that ripples like on a beautiful summer day. But the silence of the sea is apparent. Her silence hides the unease that will fill her with the coming spring tide and the continuing northwesterly storms. A tension that builds up in the orchestra and moves towards increasingly fierce rhythms and climaxes.

article by Sandra Broosus

PZC (2003)

In its often elegiac atmosphere, Eisenga's Requiem is reminiscent of Fauré's mildness, in musical style, with its appealing rhythm and instrumentation (percussion), it regularly creates a kind of cross-pollination between Carl Orff and the minimalist Philip Glass. 

article by
Kees Cijsouw

NRC (2003)

"His immediately convincing Requiem combines the Latin tradition with modern texts and recognizable, sometimes medieval musical forms. With a wealth of effective contrasts and relief in this music, The Flood is an enchanting requiem".

article by
Kasper Jansen

Radio Romania (2013)

"This composition testifies of an unprecedented mysticism. The Flood can now already be labelled as one of the greatest compositions of this time." 

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