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PZC - Interview

...Now there is a beautifully designed album with nine recent piano pieces, including For Mattia, in that characteristic, compelling Eisenga style that leaves virtually no one untouched...


interview by Rolf Bosboom

photo by Brendon Heinst

vpro3voor12 - pre release concert

...Eisenga starts with Julia, follows with the beautiful Summit.... It is rarely so quiet in De Spot. You can hear someone whisper...

...Then it's time for masterpiece For Mattia...

...Finally, Carried Away, a matchless piece reminiscent of Einaudi and Tiersen.

review by Loek van der Linde

photo by Nous Davidse


...eclectic, emotional music from someone who certainly knows how to fascinate.....excellent recording quality....

review by Jan de Kruiff

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