Les Chants des Saisons - The New Album


Here it is, my new album Les Chants des Seasons, released by Butler Records / V2 Benelux, featuring stunning artwork by Frank van der Meiden and photography by Xander Koppelmans.


Tranquil white, new life, sultry evenings, and autumn storms.


Following a solo piano album, an orchestral requiem, a fanfare of brass and electronics, and a poetic fusion of piano, marimba, and strings, I'm thrilled to present my fifth album in just two and a half years. This is my personal For Seasons, a 50-minute cycle for two pianos. 

The four parts of this work were composed over seventeen years. The summer song, Les Chants d'Estivaux, premiered in America and was previously released on CD by pianist Jeroen van Veen, who also recorded Les Chants d'Automne. Harpist Lavinia Meijer and pianist Feico Deutekom have frequently performed these two pieces.

This new album completes the cycle with two more seasons, fully re-recorded and, in the case of Les Chants d'Estivaux, completely rewritten.


8 tracks, 50 minutes, cd in digi-pack with 8 page full-colour booklet

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September 28, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam


available now


some pressqoutes about previous releases of Les Chants d'Estivaux & Les Chants d'Automne


“....The extroverted Les Chants Estivaux is enchanting and inspiring, the summer never seems to end...."



“...The music progresses with fearless determination, taking multiple peaks and valleys in its long journey. The material glows as the interlocking patterns escalate in volume and intensity. The piece becomes increasingly hypnotic as piano layers are added in this composition that towers above the rest....” 


review by Ron Schepper


“....Eisenga builds on the Dutch variant of minimal music that Simeon ten Holt presented in the 1970s. This results in music that is easy to listen to and at the same time fascinating due to unexpected influences from other elements from music history and a very varied tonal language, within the limitations of minimalism....” 

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