Poetry of a City - The New Album


Here it is, my new album Poetry of a City. Released on Butler Records / V2 Benelux with gorgeous artwork from Paco Maaskant & graphic design by Snowball.


Music inspired by poetry by Broeder Dieleman, Andreas Oosthoek, Juul Kortekaas and others.


Although I consider the term neoclassical a bit strange, my new album Poetry of a City could fall under this heading. A tranquil piano in an atmospheric landscape of strings, marimba and melancholy sounds. The tone is calm, although the life pulse also dances every now and then.

I was inspired by 8 of the 24 poems that have been placed on as many facades in my home town of Middelburg.

The most remarkable song on the new album is Zilverspa for Piano. Douwe adapted Broeder Dieleman's beautiful song Zilverspa into a meditation for piano, a small requiem for his mother


8 tracks, 41 minutes,
cd in digi-pack with 8 page full-colour booklet


37 pages, printed in high-resolution on 120 grams quality paper

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“…melancholic atmospheric images, on a poetic journey....his music always produces expressive and visual sounds...


review by Peter Simmers

VPRO's 3voor12

“…Posters...is certainly one of the best that Eisenga composed in his life..."


review of the 1st show by Loek van der Linde 


“…His harmonious music pulses with a light, breezy touch, its animation enhanced by soothing atmospheric design and a general sense of peace and tranquility..."


review by Ron Schepper

all about jazz

“…Melancholia moves through Poetry of a City like wind through a forest.  The tracks Posters and Suddenly He Sang can be counted as among his best…”


review by James Fleming, who also makes some relevant remarks..

MUsic that needs attention

…The tranquil piano sounds are accompanied by strings and a marimba, which together keep the listener captivated.  Poetry of a City certainly impresses me as much as The Border…

review by Theo Volk

File under?

…The composer has a distinctive approach to drones, creating a lilting sense of waves at low tide…

short blog by Christian Carey

aangenaam klassiek

…A moody Dutch version of the Italian piano lyrics by someone like Einaudi.…

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what listeners say

- It has that longing that I find so beautiful in your music. I can't express it any other way.

- I think Suddenly He Sang is beautiful, peaceful and mesmerizing.  A wonderful song.

Always the Sea is beautiful, rich, rolling out, including ebb and flow. Recurring as the sea is. Thanks for your music.

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    Jacomijn (Sunday, 24 September 2023 17:07)

    Bekend geluid van Douwe Eisenga, prachtig met de marimba erbij. Heerlijke muziek om bij weg te dromen en tot rust te komen!