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I'lll release my new double album *For Mattia - The Complete Recordings* on September 6. The album will be available through Butler Records / V2 Benelux. The album presentation will take place on September 6 on Radio 4, with a live event on September 28 at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

from the announcement :

In 2017, Douwe Eisenga released the single *For Mattia*. He wrote this piece at the request of the parents of a young woman who chose to end her life. In the loving composition, he incorporates Mattia’s name and the atmosphere of her favorite music. 


The moving instrumental song stormed into the Classical Top 400 a month after its release and has remained in the top ranks ever since. This unintended success marked the beginning of a rapid career as a concert pianist. In recent years, Douwe has performed the piece on the television program *Matthijs Gaat Door* and in the main hall of the Concertgebouw.


In the spring of 2019, the now sold-out album *For Mattia* was released. From VPRO3voor12 (masterpiece), Heaven Magazine (depth and emotion), to All About Jazz (a universe stuffed with wonders), the press was ecstatic about the album. At that time, sixteen pieces were recorded, of which nine made it onto the album. Now, five years later, the remaining seven compositions are being released for the first time, along with alternative versions, a remix by Pim van de Werken, and the single that started it all.