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If you regularly listen to my music and albums, this is an important call

A while ago I reached half a million streams on Spotify. No track is part of a big playlist, so it took me about seven years to get to this number. And I started counting. The income from those half a million streams over that period averages no more than about 20 (!!!) euros per month. And half of that goes to various labels and publishers. By the way, the average annual salary of a Spotify employee is $ 153,000 (so this is not what the top rakes in, this is average….).

You can't rent a studio for 10 euros a month, you can't hire musicians, you can't pay designers, you can't pay for mastering. 
You can't make new albums from 10 euros per month.

If you enjoy my albums and hope to see new ones coming soon, I ask you to join my Kitchen Table. That is a club of supporters that I set up more than two years ago. For a few euros a month (the price of a glass of wine) you get access to my archive with a wealth of unique recordings and unreleased music.

There are now more than eight hours (!) of music available. Demos, live tracks, out-takes. Including, for example, the demos of a complete symphony, the studio recordings of a complete chamber opera (including libretto). And backstories. A look into the kitchen of a composer. For example, browse through the complete sketchbook of For Mattia.

For those few euros, these eight+ hours of music (plus stories) are immediately available. And every month two tracks are added.

The KitchenTable Club currently has approximately 100 members. In order to really continue releasing new albums (especially albums that require a large number of musicians), that number should actually triple.

In other words. Take a seat at my kitchen table. Keep enjoying new albums. It costs next to nothing and you won't regret it! 

Many thanks in advance.