The new documentary from Fifi Visser, Tijdgravers (Timediggers) is a poetic ode to the hard work by the curators of the Royal Society of Sciences. They may be somewhat eccentric. They know everything about things that many people are completely unaware of. In closed rooms and cellars, they watch over long dead matter. From the outside they may seem otherworldly, but if you look through their eyes, a world will open up.  A world that shows where we come from as humans. Bit by bit, they peel off history and reveal who we are on the basis of the objects.

This winter I wrote the music for Timediggers, scored for strings, guitar, piano & percussion. Below you'll find an excerpt and some more music in the trailer. This little snippet I rewrote for the film - it was a bit to much over the top - but I like the sentimentality of the original draft...

From June 1 Cinema Middelburg will screen the film six times. Go here for tickets.

On June 14 the film will be broadcasted by Omroep Zeeland


fifi visser about Timediggers (DUTCH)

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