Block Attack to Canada

Block Attack, the new piece I wrote for Syrene Saxophone Quartet (and was premiered last spring) will be on the road in Cananda. The ladies of Syrene have set-up an impressive tour of seven concerts with concert dates in Perry Sound, Niagara on the Lake, Ottawa and other cities.

The Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant wrote about the 2nd performance of Block Attack:

"The program opens with new work by Douwe Eisenga, Block Attack, in which the four saxophones first indeed operate as a block. Eisenga knows the value of sustained ostinato rhythms, knows how to use them well and skillfully guides the music through a harmonic course with a repetitive touch, but colors very accurately within the lines, which is perhaps no wonder when you consider that the title of the work refers to Lego bricks.".

For more info, please go to the site of Syrene Saxophone Quartet

Check the concertdates below 


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