The Never Released Album - Update

Max 50 downloads available until Tuesday July 3

Update June 30,
I made a longer trailer and wrote about the personal background of this album. See below


The album For You Have Delivered my Soul is the most personal album I ever made.
Some pieces date back to 1993, when I wrote the first sketches, during the wake at my father's deathbed.

The title of the album is derived from one of his favorite psalm melodies.


It is also by far my quietest album. Many strings,  played by the members of Zapp4, a string quartet that unfortunately no longer exists.  Guitars & harp also,  it is an album with mostly stringed instruments.


Because of this personal character it is so unfortunate that - due to circumstances - the postproduction of this album has stopped four years ago. It's not finished - there are two parts missing -  and the question is whether it will ever be finished.


In the spring of 2016 I made a special version of 30 minutes for a marathon 24-hours radio broadcast from Italy,  an event dedicated to World Tuberculosis Day.

Because it is a bit of a shame that this music has been on the shelf for so long, I make this version available now.  Only for the next two days and after 50 downloads the counter stops. 


The download price is 14.95 but it is not forbidden to pay more.

This music means a lot to me, so I'm curious about your respons to it.

You can write to me below.


best whishes,


Why is this a personal album?

In one of the comments below a listener tells he hears a sort of circle of life in For You Have Delivered My Soul. This is amazingly accurate. Although the movements have different origins, they share somehow a binding theme. The circle of life and death, being a child, loosing your parents, getting children, watch them grow up, accepting the idea that you’re way more than halfway….


The Complete FYHDMS consists of 6 movements


1 Prologue  

Which is actually the first minute or so from the original FYHDMS. The first complete drafts of this music I wrote during long days and nights in the hospital, for about a week when my father slowly died. It wasn’t as sad as the music suggests. My father had survived during decades all kinds of difficult heart surgery. So we were sort of lucky he became 75 or so anyway.

In the original version I used a psalm melody, one of the favourite of my father. In those days – around 1994 – I studied composition, trying to combine tonal and atonal techniques, in a sort of circular way, based upon techniques developed by Ton de Leeuw.

The music became part of a 4 movement symphonic piece that was performed 3 times by an amateur student orchestra.

In the next 20 years I returned now and than to the music, slowly eliminating the atonal elements. In the end I also skipped the original melody, resulting in this version.


2 Cantus (not in this 30 minute version)

Cantus was a commission from the medieval music ensemble Super Librum, with a very, very old text in a very, very old Frisian language. Apart from the original strange line-up, there is a version for large ensemble and a string based version. Still missing is the recording of the vocals. My name is an old Frisian name, so it’s nice to incorporate lyrics from my medieval ancestors in this circle of life


3 Five to Seven AM

To be honest, this movement has nothing to do with the general theme. Written during a period when I woke up very early every day to compose between 5 and 7 AM, hence the title. The piece is result from some compositional experiments and is completely based upon a simple three-note motive.


4 The Exclusion Principle

This is one of those pieces that wanders around for years in all kind of stages and variants. It was actually mend for The Dreams of Wolfgang Pauli and it is still part of those sketches. Wolfgang Pauli was a theoretical physicist in the first half of the last century. Why I want to make an album about his dreams is another story, but I like the title, because it relates a bit to my feelings of isolation in my small and quiet hometown.

5 For You Have Delivered my Soul

Now the complete movement, see Prologue

6 I can do this (not in this 30 minute version)

You may know this!  It’s on Summary, the free album in a not fully finished version. It is a sort of light-weighted conclusion of the cycle: “Composing stuff? Yeah, I have my hick-ups, but yes, I can do it. I think.

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    Peter van de Zanden (Tuesday, 19 June 2018 09:55)

    Erg mooi! Jammer dat het kwartet niet meer bestaat, want ik zou zo dit graag live willen horen (zoals ik ook The Flood graag live had willen bijwonen). Het geheel komt op mij over als een soort "circle of live" verhaal, een beetje episch op momenten. Ik heb het nu al een aantal keer geluisterd, en het wordt steeds mooier. Ik heb al een paar cd's van je, dit is een waardige aanvulling. Ik ben en blijf fan van je werk.


  • #3

    Douwe Eisenga (Monday, 18 June 2018 10:57)

    I made a longer teaser...!!

  • #2

    Douwe Eisenga (Sunday, 17 June 2018 09:10)

    Hoi Jan,
    Ja, de teaser is misschien wel wat kort. Dat stuk dat op YouTube stond, waar jij toen helemaal lyrisch over was is ook een deel uit dit album. Dat zit er ook bij.
    Grote groeten, Douwe

  • #1

    Jan de boer (Sunday, 17 June 2018 08:41)

    Veel te kort om het te beoordelen. Groet Jannie