Heart & Soul List 2017

My new piece For Mattia has entered at no. 53 on the Heart & Soul List. This list is an annual event on the Dutch classical radio. Listeners can vote for the 300 most touching, inspiring compositions. Thanks to all who have voted for my piece!


Matthäus Passion on no 1

The Matthäus Passion of Bach touches the heart and soul of most listeners. The story of Jesus was voted by classical music lovers to number 1 in the NPO Radio 4 Heart & Soul List. The Mozart Requiemand Fauré Requiem ended in second and third place respectively.

New entrants

Marwil Street,  manager at NPO Radio 4: "In addition to the familiar pieces of music, this year there are also a number of surprising newcomers in the list. It's great to see that the list really lives among classical music lovers, and they make great efforts to get new, mostly contemporary, pieces on the list. The three most noted new entrants are: Louis Andriessen's De Staat (50), For Mattia of Douwe Eisenga (53) and Symphony No. 1, "The Lord of the Rings" by Johan de Meij (56).

Record number of voters

The number of votes has doubled to 50,000 this year. That's a record for the NPO Radio 4 Heart and Soul List.

NPO Radio 4

Radio station NPO Radio 4 is available worldwide via the Internet. The complete Heart and Soul List can be found here.