Huge Response to For Mattia


The release of For Mattia was only a couple of weeks ago, but the music already triggers a huge response. I'm getting almost shy because of all these mails, messages and conversations on streetcornes in my hometown. At the same time, I am so happy that I succeeded to write music for the commissioners Katja Bosch and Janpeter Muilwijk that spreads around the world and touches people that much. Therefore, I would like to share a few comments about the music. You can read about the background of this music here.  And .... thank you so much for these beautiful comments !!! 

Thanks also to Katja and Janpeter, and to Pim who recorded the music and Gijs who made the video! 

Greetings, Douwe


"This is (except for Bach) the most moving music I've heard in years!"


"Listened. Touched deeply. At that moment I was on the road, I stopped car and watched the video on  on FB.  Only after a full hour I could drive again, realizing what was done with a piece of music. Thanks ... "


"So intense. So beautiful. A little masterpiece "


"What an absolutely beautiful composition! Simple yet complex in its harmonic structure. Such a tender and beautiful way to memorialize this beautiful girl's life. Your performance brought tears to my eyes, so I can only imagine how this impacted her parents. I am sure Mattia is smiling from her special place in heaven, as well. You have a great gift and I loved this“.


"Wow, @DouweEisenga, just Wow! "

"Wonderful !. I did not know Mattia, of course, but the piece conveyed her character and I felt by the end I had a clear picture of a beautiful human being. I was very moved especially by the ending. A life cut short ".


"What amazingly beautiful to listen to and watch".


"Hi, what a beautiful piece! I almost never listen to the radio, but I accidentally turned on the old Weber. And suddenly I heard this beautiful work. Thank you! "


"What a beautiful and moving piece"


"Now I hear it again I'm touched again. What a powerful and sensitive music. I'm impressed and taken by the notes and the rhythm. Really a masterpiece! I think and I hope this will get an international distribution. Full admiration. Beautiful music. Chapeau ".


"The more I listen, the more beautiful I'll find your composition"


"A lovely and heartbreaking solo piano piece by Dutch composer Douwe Eisenga

"Your music is unforgettable, so beautiful. I am more and more in love with it !!"


"Just listened to For Mattia for the first time. Seven times in a row ..... Unique beauty with chills over my back and damp eyes. Really very beautiful and my admiration for your is only growing. Gorgeous ".



For Mattia is released on CD (single) and is available on this site.

The cd is recorded by Pim van der Werken with me playing the piano in the Doopsgezinde Kerk in my hometown Middelburg.

The sheet music of For Mattia is available at Donemus and on this site.

Gijs Haak made the video For Mattia, which is on YouTube