A new, raving review about the Simon Songs.

The site inactuelles.over-blog.com published a new review from Dionys Della Luce about the album Simon Songs.

"....The result is an extremely surprising album that connects tender melancholy and uplifting rhythms.
The tunes are melodious, beautiful and calm. Douwe Eisenga knows to immerse us miraculously in a timelessness that we could forever linger inHis minimalism, which he himself describes as Maximal Music weaves a network of thematic connections between the titles, playing with variations that grab the listener and breathes a recognizable musical atmosphere. It's like a perfume rising from these pieces, like something elusive and mysterious sneaks through the heart of this seemingly obvious melodies...".

"...The music is enchanting. She breathes grace, beauty, is dreamy, exalted and has everything to please highly. The airy suppleness penetrates deep into us, makes us shudder. Although each piece is beautiful, I prefer the longer, especially the very longest - No. 5 -almost seven minutes. In that piece the spell is even dizzyingespecially since the music is pierced with three silences, so you might think that the piece is over and over, while the music then continues again, picking us up and tightening us furher againGradually the piece unfolds like an endless and fabulous labyrinth with the development of a continuous movement which eventually chiming sounds like a call to lose yourself in the beauty of the music..."

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