10 Questions with Douwe Eisenga

This week the Canadian Internet Magazine Textura published an extensive interview 
This is question (and answer) 5 of 10


5. I noticed that you included releases by Sparks and Mike Oldfield on the ‘My Musical Favourites' page at your site. In a similar spirit, your ‘Maximal Music,' as you call it, doesn't discriminate between classical, pop, minimalism, and other genres. To what do you attribute this open-minded sensibility?


To be precise, there's a statement on my homepage that my music is a mix of minimal, rock, and baroque. What these genres do have in common is rhythm, a most-of-the-time ongoing stream of eighth notes (quavers). In baroque music this is called (with a German word) Fortspinnung.

I like rhythm and like repetition. I like going around in musical circles, which I suppose belongs to an anti-Romantic attitude. On the whole I hardly listen to the music of the nineteenth century with all those breathless composers chasing new horizons.

Besides that, I think that this musical open-mindedness started with my generation. We grew up with rock and pop, and with one click of the mouse we can listen to every obscure genre in the world. We love the sound of a distorted guitar as much as we love the sound of a cello. We don't distinguish between classical or jazz or pop. We only differentiate between good music and bad music, and jump happily from Bach to Sigur Ros.


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