The Shazam Mystery

Two weeks ago the closing music of Music for Wiek popped up (amidst Coldplay and Adele etc.) in the Italian top 100 of Shazam, the app that recognizes music. Meanwhile, the track already disappeared from the list.
While other Eisenga-tracks being limited to a handful or at most a few hundred,  the Epilogue from Wiek hits a remarkable amount of almost 7000 so-called Shazams. The number indicates how many times the app is used to recognize some music. So the music from Wiek ranked in the Italian list of most shazamed music at nummer 79. Which in itself is remarkable, because a track with a million shazams may have a lower ranking.

It suggests that the music has been used for some time in an Italian TV show or just once in an incredibly well-watched show. I don't think that a radio broadcast results in such an amount.

I am very curious where this almost 7000 shazams come from. Who can solve this mystery? Please tell me at