Review of Rhythm of Silence

In the Februari Edition of Textura the new album Rhythm of Silencefrom Erika Tazawa has been chosen album of the month! Besides this the site published a review about the cd. 
Here are some quotes:

"Realized superbly by Erika Tazawa, Rhythm of Silence presents a wonderful programme of contemporary solo piano works by composers from the US, Italy, and The Netherlands.....On this fifty-five-minute collection, Tazawa, playing a Ravenscroft piano, performs works by Francesco Di Fiore, Douwe Eisenga, Marc Mellits, Matteo Sommacal, and William Susman"

"... the most affecting piece is Dutch composer Eisenga's “Theme from Wiek,” a wistful, Schubert-esque setting whose aching lilt leaves a lasting mark, especially when it stretches out for eleven exquisite minutes".


Read the full review here.