The Writer, his Wife, her Mistress

In the first half of 2014, I wrote - commissioned by the ZeelandNazomer Festival - the music for The Writer, his Wife, her Mistress, a theaterproduction about the triangular between Martinus & Netty Nijhoff and Marlow Moss.
The poet and translator Martinus Nijhoff was long married to NettyNijhoff, herself a writer. Together they had a son, but they lived separated soon. Netty mostly resided abroad and had relationships with women. Marlow Moss, an English visual artist who painted inthe abstract style of Mondrian, was her great love.
Zeeland, the south-west part of the Netherlands had a great appeal to artists and Martinus Nijhoff was no exception. In the early Thirties Nijhoff commissioned the building of a holiday residence Huize Antoinette, nicely situated at the bottom ofthe dunes. During World War II Netty and Marlow Moss lived for some time in this house.
In The Writer, his Wife, her Mistress, play-writer Anna Maria Verslootdescribes a fictional meeting between Martinus, Netty and MarlowSuppose that these three artists had spent a summer together in Zeeland in the house down the dunes and near the sea. What kind of'unwritten masterpieces' would have been the result for the Nijhoffsand how would inspire this Marlow Moss as a painter?
I wrote the music for singers and saxophonequartet, performed bythe Aurelia Saxophone Quartet. Vincent van den Elshout - who previously directed Sitting Girl, a play about Charley Toorop for the Festival - worked for this play with three talented singer-actors, ElsMondelaers as Netty Nijhoff, Simone Milsdochter as Marlow Mossand Stefaan de Gandt as Martinus Nijhoff.  An unspoilt landscape of dunes formed the natural scenery.