The Man at at the Fish & Chips

Last Saturday the Dutch newspaper the PZC published a review following the launch of five new albums on this site.

You should download Douwe Eisenga

By Jan van Damme

Sometimes, actually rarely, you come across something you think, yes. A chill settles between your shoulder blades. Something happens, you want others to be quiet. Hush, listen to this.
That's what music can do.

What I would recommend is very simple. Listen to the music of Douwe Eisenga. A composer in Middelburg. He has just released five (!) new albums. You can find them on his site. For a friendly price you can download them. Very modern and yet again all very simple.

Funny how a person forms an opinionYou come across a bespectacled man. Some days later you spot him with a bunch of children at the Fish & Chips. Again a moment later you hear to your great surprise that the man writes music. Music? Let's hear it. The Piano Files, Rose Road - City Lines, House of MirrorsWhat turns out? The man at the chip shop writes the best Minimal Music you know until then and he calls it Maximal Music. Douwe Eisenga is his name.
The best Minimal Music, that sounds exaggerated.
Certainly. But it isn't. According to me. Eisenga conjures in his music worlds in my head where courtiers court another, where rivers burst out their banks, where mirror images suddenly reach out, where a summer breeze tickles your neck. What also counts on a lazy Sunday afternoon, with this music I can get around around the world. With my eyes closed.
So d
ownload this music. That's the best advice I can give you.