Piano Concerto - Version for 2 Pianos

The Piano Concerto, according to the press: irresistible & mesmerizing, now in a version for 2 pianos, written on request of the Dutch pianist Jeroen van Veen. Full score and parts.


length: ± 30'

format :  download score & parts in 1 pdf

  • Piano Concerto (version for 2 pianos) I
  • Piano Concerto (version for 2 pianos) II
  • Piano Concerto (version for 2 pianos) III
  • Eisenga's Pianoconcert, with its tumbling notes and wheedling clarinets, has a playful inventivity.
    Volkskrant / Frits van der Waa
  • The minimalistic Piano Concerto takes on showy proportions now and then through the use of heroic brass players.
    NRC / Jochem Valkenburg
  • Time and again he creates a modern, irresistible groove with classical instruments. This emerges strongly in the impressive Piano Concerto.
    PZC / Rolf Bosboom
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