The Piano Files II (new)

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The long-awaited
sequel to the first Piano Files, with the new second part of the Chants Cycle, Les Chants d'Automne and freshly laundered, sparkling versions of the Piano Concerto and Kick!  Again with Jeroen van Veen on piano.


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playing time: 59'


Jeroen van Veen, piano
recorded by Jakko van der Heijden & Walter Calbo
coverdesign by Snowball
photo by Thom Eisenga

  • Les Chants d'Automne
  • Kick !
  • Piano Concerto - Two Piano Version - I
  • Piano Concerto - Two Piano Version - II
  • Piano Concerto - Two Piano Version - III
  • About the first Piano Files the press wrote:

    Eisenga has matured into a composer who feels most comfortable and elaborates on the Dutch equivalent of the "minimal music " introduced by Simeon ten Holt during the seventies, to which he has remained loyal ever since. For Eisenga this has yielded compositions that are both pleasing to the ears and easy to digest. They manage to captivate the listener by their unexpected influences of other elements from the history of music and a greatly varied language of tone, remaining within the limits of minimalism.
    Luister / Paul Janssen
  • Eisenga is a real eclecticus and does with each style what he wants: the music history is his hunting area. His music is very accessible and of a generosity that has no borders.
    Klassieke Zaken / Jurjen Vis
  • Discovering Eisenga through his works for piano is a must.
    Platomania / Wil Zenhorst
  • "Though The Piano Files is strong from start to finish, the most striking setting is “Les Chants Estivaux” (The Summer Songs). Scored for four pianos (all played by Jeroen van Veen), the quadraphonic composition advances with insistent determination as it traverses multiple peaks and valleys over the course of its long journey. The material chimes incandescently as its interlocking patterns escalate in volume and intensity, and the piece grows ever more hypnotic as piano layers are added. As fine as they are, the other pieces can't help but be overshadowed by a piece so towering and the pianist's bravura performance of it".
    Ron Schepper - Textura
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