The Piano Files II (new)

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The long-awaited
sequel to the first Piano Files, with the new second part of the Chants Cycle, Les Chants d'Automne and freshly laundered, sparkling versions of the Piano Concerto and Kick!  Again with Jeroen van Veen on piano.


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playing time: 59'


Jeroen van Veen, piano
recorded by Jakko van der Heijden & Walter Calbo
coverdesign by Snowball
photo by Thom Eisenga

  • Les Chants d'Automne
  • Kick !
  • Piano Concerto - Two Piano Version - I
  • Piano Concerto - Two Piano Version - II
  • Piano Concerto - Two Piano Version - III
  • "The Chants d'Automne which open the album are the worthy successors of the Summer Songs from the Piano Files of 2009. Written for four pianos, all under the fingers of Jeroen van Veen, they drag us irresistibly into their whirling melodies and their serene and clear sounds. It is a beautiful shower of lively notes, a joyous madness, like a race in fields bathed in sunshine..."
  • "The opening movement inaugurates the half-hour concerto on a brooding, ruminative note, though, true to Eisenga form, it doesn't take long for the music to grow in energy and become rhythmically charged. Four minutes into the first part, its patterns can be heard locking into position with the precision of a machine operating in peak form. By comparison, the central movement, not surprisingly, is gentler and its tone softer, whereas the third part is as animated and robust as one would expect a concluding movement to be. A single-instrument album such as The Piano Files II obviously can't capture the rich orchestral colour of a typical ensemble work by Eisenga except by way of implication, but it certainly does convey much of the defining character of his compositional style. Regardless of whether the piece is arranged for a single instrument, quartet, or large outfit, a distinctive and well-balanced blend of melody and rhythm will always be present."
    Ron Schepper - Textura
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