Simon Songs

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Simon Songs contains 16 brand new pieces for pianosolo,  performed by Jeroen van Veen. The music is based on the bundles Oude en Nieuwe Hollantse Boerenlieties en Contredansen (Old and new Dutch farmer-songs and concert dances) published between 1700 and 1716. In total no less than 996 melodies. This recording runs off with the first 16 of this enormous collection, every now and then sticking to the melody, sometimes only using a few notes. The result is an utterly surprising piano record, bouncing from outspoken lyricism to groovy rhythms.


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playing time : 61'

Jeroen van Veen, piano

  • 01. Simon Song I
  • 02. Simon Song II
  • 03. Simon Song III
  • 04. Simon Song IV
  • 05. Simon Song V
  • 06. Simon Song VI
  • 07. Simon Song VII
  • 08. Simon Song VIII
  • 09. Simon Song IX
  • 10. Simon Song X
  • 11. Simon Song XI
  • 12. Simon Song XII
  • 13. Simon Song XIII
  • 14. Simon Song XIV
  • 15. Simon Song XV
  • 16. Simon Song XVI
  • "The sixteen songs span a generous stylistic and emotional range, with the greater majority delicate, pensive, and lyrical and a smaller number boisterous, uptempo, and exuberant. Just shy of seven minutes, the ruminative fifth is the longest, with most of the others in the two- to four-minute range. However different these lyrical songs might be, Eisenga's distinctive voice is audible throughout, and the elegant, melodically rich settings speak with an immediacy that's hard to resist. Adding to the recording's appeal is the songs' generally unadorned presentation, with the composer having chosen to present each one using only what's necessary. A seeming Ravel nod surfaces in the seventh, but this heartfelt collection is otherwise all Eisenga."
    Ron Schepper - Textura
  • The tunes are melodious, beautiful and calm. Douwe Eisenga knows to immerse us miraculously in a timelessness that we could forever linger in.
    Dionys Della Luce -
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