Music for Wiek

Wiek (Rotor) was a dance/theater collaboration with director Boukje Schweigman. The score is written for saxophone quartet, piano and sampled percussion. According to the press  ‘A bridge between pop music and minimal music’. Music with hypnotizing patterns, thundering drums, pounding saxes and lyrical pianos.


format: cd (digipack)

playing time : 61'40"
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Erik-Jan de With, saxophones, Douwe Eisenga, piano & sampling

  • 01. Prologue
  • 02. Dance I
  • 03. Dance II
  • 04. First Interlude
  • 05. Dance III
  • 06. Second Interlude
  • 07. Dance IV
  • 08. Epilogue
  • Together with the fantastic saxophonist Erik-Jan de With, Eisenga drags the listener into a musical world where dreamy melancholy and accelerating sequences alternate with a lot of excitement. Inevitable and very compelling.
    Klassieke Zaken / Cornell Evers
  • The fascinating, gradually stirring music is from composer Douwe Eisenga.
    NRC / Kester Freriks
  • In Wiek three wings are rotating. Wings of an inexorable machine that will not stop the whole performance, propelling and hunting three dancers. Ever spinning, one hour long, and ever faster. First the girls are beaten by it, later, as their movements are more complex, it seems like they drive the blades. The limitation turns into their power. Wiek is a masterful tribute to the cyclical movement. With as a second major driving force Douwe Eisenga’s composition that crescendo targets to multiple climaxes.
    Volkskrant / Vincent Kouters
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