CD from the Westland Saxophone Orchestra with ao Dance 4 from Music for Wiek.

On their debut album FANSAXTIC the Westland Saxophone Orchestra presents a variety of saxophone music as a tribute to Adolphe Sax. FANSAXTIC is a saxy variation on the word fantastic, which means as much as great, strange, unusual or extraordinary. Every track on this album could be described by one or more of the meanings of the word fantastic. Robert Schumann, for example, probably never thought about his Piano Concerto in A minor being performed by piano accompanied by a saxophone choir. And don’t you think that Adolphe Sax as a mastermind in inventing new instruments would have liked the electronic version of his device? At last, this album is completed by some extraordinary solo’s ranging from classical to jazz and from old to modern, showing the flexibility of the saxophone as an instrument. Erik-Jan de With, founder of the Westland Saxophone Orchestra