Cloud Atlas - Live

The music on this CD is inspired by the novel Cloud Atlas from the English writer David Mitchell. With compositions by Christian Blaha, Dies le Duc, Jorrit Tamminga, Wiek Hijmans, Daan Manneke & Douwe Eisenga. The liner notes in the booklet are written by David Mitchell. On the first and the last track of the album David Mitchell himself recites fragments of his book.


David Mitchell on this cd:

“When I learned that six eminent Dutch composers were working on an interpretation of my novel ‘Cloud Atlas’, I was honoured, but itching with curiosity. What on Earth would – and could- they do with it? The answer is the music on this disc. As a glance at the track listing shows, the composers en bloc retained the novel’s ‘Russian doll’ structure, whereby the six narratives are interrupted in turn until a ‘central’ story: then the narratives are resumed, in reverse order, at the point of interruption. The listener will also hear, however, how all the composers have hoed their own rows by creating six compositions with as much variance in style and colour as the six novellas of the novel.”


format : cd + booklet
playing time : 66'30"


Gerard Bouwhuis, piano, Heleen Hulst, viool, Jörg Brinkmann, cello, Lars Wouter van den Oudenweijer, klarinet, Eline van Esch, fluit, Arco van Zon, hobo

  • 01. David Mitchell - June 29, 1931
  • 02. Christian Blaha - Nubes Concerto
  • 03. Dies le Duc - Wolkenatlas
  • 04. Jorrit Tamminga - Cumulonimbus
  • 05. Wiek Heijmans - Wolkenatlas
  • 06. Douwe Eisenga - Cloud Atlas
  • 07. Daan Manneke - Wolkenarchipel
  • 08. Douwe Eisenga - Cloud Atlas
  • 09. Wiek Heijmans - Wolkenatlas
  • 10. Jorrit Tamminga - Cumulonimbus
  • 11. Dies le Duc - Wolkenatlas
  • 12. Christian Blaha - Nubes Concerto
  • David Mitchell calls it an amazingly beautiful trip. "It was not only touching but also an intellectual pleasure. Things turned out very well for the same reasons why my book is so well received".
    PZC / Rolf Bosboom
  • Exciting and diverting, this concert of pianist Gerard Bouwhuis and the great musicians gathered around him.
    Klassieke Zaken / Jurjen Vis
  • The whole is stimulating and certainly more than the parts.
    Volkskrant / Frits van der Waa