Clazz Ensemble - Delta Suite

‘I feel no borders between jazz and classical music’. These wise words from jazz legend Duke Ellington inspired the Clazz Ensemble to conduct several adventurous concerts in which those genres get together. For the project ‘Clazz in Zeeland’ the composers Dies le Duc, Dick de Graaf and Douwe Eisenga wrote new compositions for a brand new version of the Delta Suite.


format : cd + booklet
playing time : 44'

Paul van der Feen, altosaxophone, clarinet, Arno Bornkamp,  soprano-, alto- and tenor saxophone, Dick de Graaf, soprano- & tenor saxophone, flute, Nils van Haften, baritonsaxophone, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, Charlie Biggs, lead trumpet, flugelhorn, Frank Anepool, trumpet, flugelhorn, Gerard Kleijn, trumpet, flugelhorn, Vincent Veneman, trombone, André Pet, bass trombone, Kris Goessens piano, Guus Bakker, double bass, bass guitar, Joost Kesselaar, percussion

  • 01. - 07. Dick de Graaf - Babel Suite I-VII
  • 08. - 18. Dies le Duc - Luctor et Emergo & other pieces
  • 19. Douwe Eisenga - Delta Dance (excerpt I)
  • 19. Douwe Eisenga - Delta Dance (excerpt II)
  • The orchestra alternates between nostalgic warm, detailed written pieces and small improvisations. One can hear very well that the musicians are trained in both classical and jazz. The three composers wrote beautiful, compact and exciting pieces.
    Parool / Maartje den Breejen
  • Music of international stature.
    In Heaven / Eric van Domburg Scipio
  • Impressive and beautiful as the sunset over the delta.
    Jazzenzo / Rinus van der Heijden
  • The concluding piece starts minimalistic and leads to a swirling klezmer-orgy, leaving the listener behind in astonishment.