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On this spot I'll add more and more tips about all kind of awesome music. Music that I played over and over again. That I want to share want with you. Sometimes it's about music from befriended composers and musicians. Sometimes it's about well-known music, but evenso about music that deserves way more attention!

So, please revisit this spot for new musical inspiration !


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Andy Akiho - Alloy

Also this time not a complete album but a video with music by the American composer Andy Akiho. The piece Alloy, performed by the Foundry Steel Pan Ensemble. What a discovery!


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Anthony Fiumara - I Dreamed in the Cities at Night

No complete album this time, but a fantastic string quartet of Dutch composer Anthony Fiumara. This music deserves to be released quickly on CD !! The video is a live recording with Ensemble MusikFabrik.


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Zoë Keating - One Cello x 16 : Natoma

A rich landscape of layered cellos that appeals to a broad range of listeners, from fans of post-rock to acoustic ambient to classical.


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Agnes Obel - Citizen of Glass

The new beautiful album of the Danish Agnes Obel. "Citizen of Glass is like entering a misty realm of wonder where each unpredictable turn holds a new set of unknowns" (


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Ólafur Arnalds - Island Songs

Just released, this warm, quiet impressions of the Icelandic landscape.


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Hughes de Courson - Babel

Hughes de Courson brings in his "greatest hits" double album Babel - in an incredibly attractive way - the most diverse musical styles together. Bach with African rhythms, Vivaldi takes trips to Ireland and Mozart's blends effortlessly into arabic tradiotionals. Sometimes it's just a bit over the top, but there are so many great musical adventures on this album that you take that for granted.
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Bagad Brieg - Karamba

This somewhat obscure CD has always been one of my favorites. A Bagad is a Breton band, consisting of bagpipes, bombards and percussion. On this great live CD they are assisted by a rock band. There's no good youtube video.

However you can find the cd on iTunes and Spotify. Listen to the awesome Africa Zob to convince yourself!

William Susman - Scatter my Ashes

A stunning album from American composer William Susman, performed by his ensemble Octet.
Included are two song cycles Scatter My Ashes and Moving in to an Empty Space, Piano Concerto and the ensemble work Camille.   "...the next developments in the sphere (of) minimalism..." – All Music,  "constant delight...impeccably crafted..." – Fanfare.


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Wojciech Kilar - Orawa

No complete album this time, but the matchless composition Orawa of the Polish composer Wojciech Kilar,  best known for his soundtrack of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Orawa is a wonderful work, originally for string orchestra, but in this clip assisted by three accordionists of the Motion Trio.


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Nicolas Lens - Terra Terra

Terra Terra – The Aquarius Era is a music drama by Nicholas Lens. It is the second part of the operatic trilogy The Accacha Chronicles, following the successful first part Flamma Flamma. In 12 sections Lens combines orchestra, electronica, choir, six operatic voices and two female singers from Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares.


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Max Pashm - Never Mind The Balkans

Once a year I'm DJ at the afterparty of the Night of the Night in my hometown Middelburg. Each year a favorite at the aprty is the highly infectious music of the album Nevermind the Balkans from Max Pashm. Klezmer Balkan Greek Gypsy Punk with Electro Beats, as he calls it. One of the few BalkanBeat albums that never bores.

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Yann Tiersen - Infinity

It's only been two weeks since I discovered this album. Of course I knew Tiersens preference for unusual instruments like toy pianos, but on Infinity these sounds sources are upscaled to a stunning and inventive audio landscape. Listen to the track Ar Maen Bihan (in the video starting at about 12'30").


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francesco di fiore - visioni

Visioni contains beautiful post-minimal, slightly jazzy music for piano and electronics, written and performed by Italian pianist and composer Francesco Di Fiore.
Visioni consists of eight very different but subtly related parts that together depict the story of human evolution. In live performances the music blends with videos created by video artist Valeria Di Matteo.


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John Metcalfe – The Inner Line

John Metcalfe's debut cd The Inner Line received glowing reviews. Billboard magazine described it as "a solo debut that crosses all manner of boundaries. Melding avant-pop and electronica, film music and contemporary classical, The Inner Line puts forth a set of highly melodic, sonically compelling songs without words".


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Clint Mansell - The Fountain

The music of Darren Aronofsky's film The Fountain is a layered, beautiful composition from composer Clint Mansell. The album varies from ambient drones to plaintive piano music, from minimalist motifs to swelling strings. Mansell, who previously collaborated with director Aronofsky, used nearly all of the sound palette he has at his disposal. Kronos Quartet is joined by the Scottish noise act Mogwai. Subtle and melancholic, often to replay.


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Re-Sound - In C

Terry Riley's classic minimalist work In C receives its first electroacoustic interpretation by the Melbourne-based contemporary music ensemble Re-Sound. “Exhilirating ... unique and totally innovative” (Chris Copas, The Star). Here is the Spotify-link.

Mellits Consort - Paranoid Cheese

This is the insane good music of my composition - brother and great friend Marc Mellits. An album on the cutting edge of rock and post- mimimalisme. Violin, cello , marimba, guitar and keyboards crackling in a rhythmic celebration, with the pieces Machine IV and V as huge highlights.


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Sebastian Plano - Arrythmical Part of Hearts

A hard to describe but beautiful album by the Argentinean composer and cello-player Sebastian Plano. Acoording to The Silent Ballet one of the strongest contemporary classical albums of 2011. Music that "evolves smoothly and moves forward gracefully, like seamless plots. Sweet but not cheesy, melancholic but not dark, nostalgic but not sad" (Igloo).


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Mike Oldfield - Hergest Ridge

Quite a bit of the music I used to listen to as a teenager now sounds out dated. Nevetherless, the second album of a, in 1974,  still young Mike Oldfield – Hergest Ridge -  is still timeless. Oldfields guitars, completed with oboe, trumpet, choir and strings is the most absolute form of pastoral music in rock history.

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Sparks - Lil’ Beethoven

Since the hit This Town Is not Big Enough For Both of Us, all those years ago, I never heard again from this duo. Until a few weeks back, when I came across their album Lil 'Beethoven from 2001. Einstein on the Beach, Monty Python, barbershop, Lauri's Superman, campfire singing. It's all in music that makes me incredibly cheerful.


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My opinion of streaming services is double. While Spotify makes it for composers almost impossible to survive, at the same time the service offers a great way to discover new music. I created a public playlist : ONE. "One artist, one track. Strange beautiful music, from rock to classic, from balkan to avant-pop, from french chansons to prepared piano" . Discover new music on ONE.

Mario Batkovic

I only know this for a couple of days, but I'm already been completely addicted to the titleless album of accordionist Mario Batkovic. According to the website "It is global and unifying. It deserves to be heard by everyone. It's music distilled to its very essence and is an album that will stay with you a very very long time." And so it is.


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