Rose Road - City Lines

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“A modern, irresistible groove in the impressive Piano Concerto, the mesmerizing City Lines and the sparkling string quartet Rose Road. Colorful and sublime”.

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playing time : 60'
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Gerard Bouwhuis, piano, Erika Waardenberg, harp, Johan Faber, percussion, Mifune Tsuji, violin, Lydia Forbes, violin, Lorre Lynn Trytten, viola, Pascale Went, cello, Jaap Branderhorst, double bass, Joeri de Vente, horn, Reijer Dorresteijn, trumpet, Eric Westerink, trombone, Tjeerd Oostendorp, tuba, Pepijn van Doesburg, flute, Vicki Laws, oboe, Marc Dijcks, clarinet, Stefanie Liedtke, bassoon

  • 01. Piano Concerto I
  • 02. Piano Concerto II
  • 03. Piano Concerto III
  • 04. String Quartet No.I - Rose Road
  • 05. City Lines
  • 06. Dickens!
  • The Dutch composer Douwe Eisenga writes post-minimal music that is accessible without becoming superficial. Better evidence of this than the CD Rose Road - City Lines, is scarcely conceivable. Time and again he creates a modern, irresistible groove with classical instruments. This emerges strongly in the impressive Piano Concerto, the mesmerizing City Lines and the sparkling string quartet Rose Road.
    PZC / Rolf Bosboom
  • The Xenakis Ensemble performed Eisenga's Piano Concerto in Japan, but in his own country his name has not been universally recognized. That will change with the CD "Rose Roads – City Lines." Eisenga has found his own sound within the restricted latitude of minimalism. Perhaps "City Lines" is most reminiscent of the sensual composer Simeon ten Holt. The performance of Eisenga's tenderly sweet melodiousness by the Francis B. Quartet and pianist Gerard Bouwhuis is colorful and sublime.
    Trouw / Anthony Fiumara
  • The minimalistic Piano Concerto, with pianist Gerard Bouwhuis as nonchalant pioneer, takes on showy proportions now and then through the use of heroic brass players. The string quartet Rose Road, with somber counterpoint and sharp counterrhythms, is splendidly played by the Francis B. Quartet. City Lines babbles on in extreme respectability.
    NRC / Jochem Valkenburg
  • The DNA of Eisenga's work bears a likeness to the pepped-up locomotion of Aaron Copland and the benign minimalia of the Flemish composer Wim Mertens. Philip Glass is also family, but Eisenga's Pianoconcert, with its tumbling notes and wheedling clarinets, has a playful inventivity usually lacking in Glass' fill-in-the-blanks exercises.
    Volkskrant / Frits van der Waa
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