House of Mirrors

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The Italian ensemble Piccolla Academia degli Specchi performs the music of Dutch composer Douwe Eisenga. Five brand new pieces and one reworking form a great collection of music that combines repetitive grooves and lyrical lines.


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playing time : 56'
also available as cd & booklet

Piccola Accademia degli Specchi:

Giovanni Rosati & Assunta Cavallari, piano, Alessandra Amorino, flute, Claudia Di Pietro, sax, Giuliano Cavaliere, violin, Kyung Mi Lee, cello, Matteo Sommacal, artistic director

  • 01. Motion
  • 02. Passacaglia
  • 03. La Musica del Giorno
  • 04. L'Atlante delle Nuvole
  • 05. Kick
  • 06. La Casa degli Specchi
  • The chemistry works, the pieces of Eisenga on this cd are strong. Catching pieces that can be listened to as extended songs - such as the melancholic Passacaglia or the jumpy, exciting Kick – that, even after repeated listening, remain firmly intact.
    Klassieke Zaken / Paul Jansen
  • The music of Eisenga lies in between the repetition-techniques and use of intervals of Michael Nyman and Philip Glass, interlarded with elements of popmusic. The pieces have been written stylistically with a lot of imagination and are, as a result, both interesting and inviting.
    Opus Klassiek / Aart van der Wal
  • Strong compositions, perfectly performed, which make you long for more.
    Platomania / Wil Zenhorst
  • “Motion, a splendid example of the composer's engaging style and PADS' high-energy attack...." “Kick, a ravishing, sixteen-minute travelogue..." "No better argument for the superior calibre of his music is needed than Passacaglia......”
    Ron Schepper - Textura
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