your support for 2 new albums

I've got 2 unfinished albums on the shelf. One is called For You Have Delivered My Soul with about 40 minutes of quiet music for string orchestra. The other has no title yet, it's the Italian pianist Francesco di Fiore playing my newest pieces for piano.

On both albums there's still work to be done, extra recording with extra musicians on the first one. Mixing, editing and mastering on both ones.

You can help finishing them !!! With your support I will have the means to pay for the last bricks on both albums.
There are several way to contribute:


You may:

Become SUPPORTER of my music for a very, very small fee and get rewarded with two free albums.

You may:

Become PROMOTER of my music for a litllebit higher fee, share some of my music with your friends and get rewarded with free albums.


You may think:

"Well, these are all such small amounts of money. I like this music so much, I want to do something more substantial !!"
The easiest way to do so, is going to the Sheet Music Section and order a bunch of scores. Do you know someone who plays piano? Make her or him happy and support my music at the same time!!


IN THE END I will complete these albums, the point is that I don't know how lang it will take. With your support it will happen sooner !!




BTW here's a video preview of For You Have Delivered My Soul

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