Music Machine

In the summer of 2014 I walked with my family the last few hundred kilometers of the pilgrim route to Santiago in Spain. During an evening at one of the refugios I browsed through the App Store, looking for interesting music apps.

One app immediately caught my attention. It was a self-composing app which was developed by Wout. That could only be one Wout, I thought. It had to be my old study friend who I had not seen for over 20 years. Even then he was working on  software that, based on a row of notes, could compose whole pieces.


Once back in the Netherlands I contacted him. Since then we have seen each other a few times and we try to 'catch up' for 20 years. Which is great !
I also got a demonstration of YouCompose, the app that he has developed.


The application is astounding. The app is able to produce a complete four-part symphony within a few seconds. This can also be based upon a user-assigned melody. The little machine can do so entirely independently, but of course you can capture various issues (time signature, the use of chromaticism, tempo, etc.) in advance. The resulting music can be edited in a variety of ways.


The full description of the app YouCompose can be found here. Or go to the FB page.


At his request I've sent Wout the score of my saxophone quartet Rose Road. Wout grabbed a little musical cell from it and used it as basic material in YouCompose. Below you can hear what Wout and YouCompose, operating as a composition duo, made out of this material. Even though it's not exactly clear to me what the app did and how much human intervention was involved, yet it is obvious that this is wonderful software and a lot of fun to play with.


MusTech.Net placed YouCompose in their Top Ten "Amazing Technologies".


Below you can hear the version of Rose Road by YouCompose (BTW these are not real saxophones you hear).

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