MBDCCC - version for November

My hometown Middelburg is celebrating its 800-years birthday. Commissioned by Foundation Middelburg 800 I'm writing a composition for the carillon of the Abbey Tower of my city. The title of the piece is MBDCCC and obviously refers directly to festivities. The notes M (i), B, C and D will play an important role.
Every month the piece will grow a little longer, in the end, in December, it will have a lenght of 2 or 3 minutes

After the composition grew slowly in the first few months, I started again in May. I was not so happy with how the piece developed. I also skipped the idea of exponential growth each month. Due to the fact that in the first months the piece grew very, very slowly and every new 'update' had a clear musical ending, it was hardly noticeable that MBDCCC was growing. I now finished the composition for the whole year and simply divided it in 12 equal pieces.  This means that until December (when MBDCCC sounds as a whole), the music stops at unexpected moments,  in the middle of a musical sentence or in the middle of a bar .....

.... the c's from the title have all become cis .....

Every month city-carilloneur Janno den Engelsman will enter the new version in the mechanism of the carillon. The piece sounds each day at 11:45 am, 2:45 pm, 5:45pm and 8:45pm.


The version for November is ready.


Please listen below

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