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Cloud Atlas for Piano & Marimba

The version for piano & marimba of Cloud Atlas from 2007, inspired by the famous novel of David Mitchell, who wrote : Eisenga’s composition is beautiful. It is joyous, trancedent, and makes me homesick for a place I’ve never been”

Piano Concerto

The sparkling Piano Concerto, reduced to the core: two pianos.

Les Chants d'Automne

Second Chant of the Seasons. Two more to go !


The first version of Kick was created in 2008 as Kick out the Muse for chorus and orchestra based on texts by Federico Garcia Lorca. Lorca describes composing and performing music, as well as listening to music as a purely physical activity (sing with the sound of rushing blood). This is the version for 2 pianos.

Theme from Wiek

The Epilogue from Music for Wiek in the original version for piano and soprano saxophone.

Les Chants Estivaux

"Enchanting and inspiring is the extraverted Les Chants Estivaux, the summer is not to stop."

Cloud Atlas

My contribution to Cloud Atlas, a project based on the famous novel by David Mitchell. Cloud Atlas was released as a live cd in 2008. Two years later, the version for two pianos appeared on my cd The Piano Files.

City Lines

City Lines was part of a project of the same name written for the tenth anniversary of the Dutch Gallery Caesuur. This composition for four pianos is written with an old Dutch folk tune in mind.