THe Secret Album

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The Secret Album
About one hour free music, only available here.

  • Theme from Wiek for String Orchestra & Piano
  • Daily Music
  • Saxophone Quartet – Rose Road
  • Blond (Theme I)
  • Dies Irae

Marieke Langkamp & Harry Hulst, violincello, Petra Flipse, violin & viola, Tassilo Erhardt & Sara DeCorso, baroque violin,  Nika Zlataric, baroque violincello, Leen de Broekert, harpsichord, Tanco Noorlander, percussion, Piet Hoeksma, guitar, Jan Fokkema, bass guitar, Erik-Jan de With, Johan Huizing, Heiko Geerts, Silvan Kaiser & Alexander Soussi, saxophones, Henk van Londen, mouth-harmonica, Douwe Eisenga, keyboards, choir : Noord Nederlandse Cantory (conductor : Jan Hut), Karlinke Knevel, vocals 

cover : Mark Davidson